Burgundy Flowers Decal Set

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Saturated with colour, you can almost smell the delicate rose and peony fragrances that this Burgundy Flowers Floral Decal Set suggests. Stunning and large, the set comes in a large size at 180cm by 75cm or a small size in 140cm by 60cm. The larger size is ideal as a cornice or finishing element, but both are so intensely coloured and accurately designed that they are sure to draw the eye wherever they are applied. Using a simple peel-and-stick application process, the decals allow you to instantly transform even the darkest, dullest, or plainest living area to a garden-inspired space.

Available sizes
The decals can be purchased in two sizes Large and Small
Large :180cm wide x 75cm high, Suitable for cornice
Small: 140cm wide x 60cm high

Fabric type
Our fabric is a peel & stick, multi-US patented, adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. It can be installed on almost any surface and remain adhered in all indoor weather conditions. It’s patented dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or loss of Stickability. Our fabric material is Class A fire rated, non-toxic, green, and phthalates free. Note: Note: Wall must smooth and not textured ie. rough concrete, rendered brick wall or wall with bubble paint. Only apply to a smooth, dry and clean surface.

Production Time
All decals are printed once the order is placed. Our standard production time is 7-10 days, however if you need it for an event, pls. select the required production time during order process.

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