Sweet Dreams 60cm

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Transform your childs nursery with our gorgeous wooden wall words

Looking for wall art for your baby’s room? How about this beautiful wooden "sweet dreams" sign. Even the smallest room can be transformed by using one of our wall mates. The best part - when you’re sick of it, it is so simple to remove. 

Our wooden wall words are super lightweight are at attached at the back using blue tack! This makes them both removable and reusable. 

The dreamy font will finish off any wall space. Perfect if you prefer not to use a name or haven’t chosen a name for your little one.

This item makes a great baby shower gift also, especially if baby's name is a surprise. It is versatile & suits both genders regardless of the theme.

Product Information

-This item is 60cm long, this includes the gap between the words. 

-The font used in this wall mate is different to the 46cm wall mate.

-This product comes RAW. If you would like it painted please send us an email to add on paint at an additional cost.

-The letters S & D are CAPITALS  

Like the style but thinking of different wording? Sure! Contact us & we can make it happen!


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